Black Perch – Embiotoca jacksoni. Also known as pogie and butterlips.

Identifying Characteristics

  • The black perch are colorful fish that have a grouping of large scales found just below the pectoral fins.
  • The coloring is brown to red with green and gray, most often with blue flecking intermingling. Depending on their environment, the coloring can change to match it.
  • Their lips are orange or yellow, and they have a bluish-white line that runs along the base of the anal fin.
  • Black perch can reach to 15 1/2 inches in length, maturing at around 6 inches.

Range and Habitat

  • Black perch can be found in kelp beds from Northern California to Baja California. 
  • True surfperch species are located mainly in or near the sandy beach surf zone, and seaperches and perches live in kelp beds and deeper water (CA DFG).

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