Dorado, Dolphinfish, Mahi Mahi – Coryphaena hippurus. Common Names: This fish is called by a number of names: dorado (West Coast SoCal and Mexico); dolphinfish (East Coast and much of U.S.); mahi mahi (Hawaii), and shiira (Japan).

Identifying Characteristics and Biology

  • The dorado is brilliantly colored. When seen in the water, iridescent colors of blues, greens and yellows are present, and almost appear to be neon or electric in color.
  • They are spotted with blue/green/black combinations all over the body.
  • Deeply forked tail is typically yellow.
  • The dorado’s body is very slender, and a blunt, flat head signifies it is a male.
  • This species of fish is a very fast growing fish, typically living up to 4 years and growing up to 7 feet long.

Range and Habitat

  • The dorado is found in all tropical and subtropical waters world wide.
  • These fish commonly orientate themselves to floating debris, such as weed lines, kelp patties, and floating objects.

Market Forms

  • The dorado is found fresh or frozen as fillets. It is an excellent eating fish with a mild, sweet flavor.
  • Great cooking methods are grilling, broiling, and sauteing.



Scombroid poisoning danger with the dorado.


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