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Posted by on Mar 7, 2014 in Crab, Crustaceans, DPFishCo, Seafood ID, Softshell Crab | 0 comments

Female Atlantic Blue Crab Anatomy – Callinectes sapidus

Female Atlantic Blue Crab Anatomy – Callinectes sapidus

blue crab anatomy master web

Blue Crab – Anatomy

Female Atlantic Blue Crab – Callinectes sapidus

  • Chela (Claw – includes dactyl and propodus)
  • Pereopods (legs, numbered 1-5)
  • Cheliped (entire claw)
  • Claw:
    • Dactyl (moveable finger)
    • Propodus
    • Carpus
    • Merus
  • Eyes
  • Cervical groove
  • Carapace (shell)
  • Posterior margin
  • Anterolateral teeth
  • Lateral spine
  • Abdominal segment
  • Swimming leg:
    • Coxa
    • Basi-ischium
    • Merus
    • Carpus
    • Propodus
    • Dactyl
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