Oyster List




Chef’s Creek Canada – BC – Baynes Sound Fluted Shells; Sweet, Briny
Coode Island Canada – BC – Malaspina Inlet  
Cortes Island Canada – BC – Cortes Island Briny; Fruit Finish
Crystal Bay Canada – BC  
Deep Bay Canada – BC – Vancouver Island Briny, Sweet
Denman Island Canada – BC – Denman Island Melon Notes; Crunchy
Desolation Sound Canada – BC Deep Cups
Effingham Canada – BC – Effingham Inlet Briny, Plump; Cream Colored Meat
Emerald Cove Canada – BC – Vancouver/Denman Island Mild Flavored
Evening Cove Canada – BC – Nanaimo Bay Watermelon Finish
Fanny Bay Canada – BC – Baynes Sound, Vancouver Island Popular Pacific Oyster; Sweet; Firm
Gigamoto Canada – BC – Deep Bay Cocktails; Plump Meat; Salty Flavor
Golden Mantle Canada – BC – Straight of Georgia, Sunshine Coast Ivory Meat, Mantle is gold due to minerals in water, Sweet
Imperial Eagle Canada – BC – Imperial Eagle Channel Salty; Melon and Cucumber Finish
Komo Gway Canada – BC – Baynes Sound Plump
Kumamoto Canada – All Over Pacific Dark Mantle; Buttery; Salty and Sweet
Kusshi Canada – BC – Baynes Sound Sweet, Deep cups
Malaspina Canada – BC – Vancouver Island Juicy; Plump; Distinctive Watermelon/Cucumber Finish
Mattaki Canada – BC – Vancouver Island Rough Shells; Plump Meat; Briny
Nootka Sound Canada – BC – Vancouver Island Fluted Shells; Salt; Plump Meat
Pacific Orchard Canada – BC – Baynes Sound Briny; Watermelon Finish
Paradise Canada – BC – Baynes Sound Plump, Sweet
Royal Miyagi Canada – BC – Sunshine Coast Mildly Briny
Salish Canada – BC – Baynes Sound Full Flavored; Sweet Finish
Stellar Bay Canada – BC – Baynes Sound Deep Cups; Crisp; Light Sweet Finish
Stranges Bay Canada – BC – Stranges Bay Meat Texture; Fruity Flavor
Summer Cove Canada – BC – Baynes Sound Salty
Trevenen Bay Canada – BC – Desolation Sound Firm Meat; Sweet Finish
Viking Bay Canada – BC – Cuadra Island Mild; Sweet Finish; White Meat


Kumamoto Japan – Kumamoto Bay Smalls; Sweet and Salty


False Bay Mexico – Baja California – Bahia Falsa Sweet, Briny
Kumiai Mexico – Baja California – Guerrero Negro Lagoon Sweet, Crisp
Laguna Bay Mexico – San Quintin Bay / Laguna Manuela Crisp, Briny
Sol Azul Mexico – Viscaino Biosphere Reserve Sweet, Salty

New Zealand

Coromandel New Zealand – Coromandel Bay Sweet; Salt; Watermelon Finish
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