Spotted Bay (Sand) Bass – Paralabrax maculofasciatus. The spotted bay bass is also called bay bass, spotty, and spotted sand bass.


Identifying Characteristics and Biology

  • Elongated and compressed body shape with a large mouth and slightly protruding lower jaw.
  • Olive brown in color with spots that cover the entire body, which sets it apart from the barred sand bass.
  • Their third dorsal spine is the longest, which distinguishes it from a kelp bass.
  • Spotted bay bass can reach 22 inches in length, and live to about 14 years.

Range and Habitat

  • They are found from Monterey, California to Mazatlan, Mexico.
  • Spotted bay bass enjoy bays and warmer waters, and look for underwater structures.
  • They can be found at depths up to 200 feet.

Market Forms

  • Popular with bay fishermen.



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