If you are looking for a good crumb coating for your fried fish or calimari, consider panko. It’s large crumbed, very dry, and holds up well to frying.

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What is Panko?

Panko is a Japanese breadcrumb product, but unlike regular bread crumbs panko isn’t just ground up bread.

Panko is made from a crustless bread that is baked by electrical current and ground into actual slivers. It is not as fine as regular dried bread crumbs, which so often has the look of simply coarse flour. Panko breadcrumbs are in small flakes.

Using panko results in a crisper texture for whatever you are coating, and makes the breading much lighter than your typical breading (cracker crumbs, dried ground bread crumbs, etc.). And while breadcrumbs can be flavored, panko is almost always plain and unflavored.

Here is how panko is made in a factory, from Upper Crust Enterprises.



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