Banded Guitarfish – Zapteryx exasperate. Other common names include prickly skate, striped guitarfish, and mottled guitarfish. 

The genus name comes from the Greek za, meaning intensive, and pteryx, meaning fin, in reference to the vertical fins being larger than those of skates. The species name comes from Latin, meaning made rough, in reference to the numerous stellate prickles on its back ( 

Identifying Characteristics

  • Banded guitarfish are sandy brown with prominent black bars and mottled spots.
  • They have a thick tail and a moderately large, rounded caudal fin without a distinct lower lobe.
  • Harmless type of ray.

Range and Habitat

  • They are found in the eastern Pacific area, from southern California to Peru.
  • Look for them on sandy bottoms and tide pools.
  • They eat small crustaceans and mollusks.

Market Forms

  • Minor commercial.



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