Ocean Whitefish – Caulolatilus princeps.

Identifying Characteristics and Biology

  • Elongated fish with a small mouth.
  • Long, fairly even, continuous dorsal fin that is unnotched.
  • Long anal fin with two spines at the front.
  • Coloring is brown on top and the sides fading to pale cream on the belly. Fins brightly colored with yellow or green streaks.
  • Ocean whitefish can grow to 40 inches in length.
  • Females mature at about 3 years (16 inches) and males mature at about 4 years (19 inches). Females and males grow at the same rate.
  • Their diet is invertabrates and other small fish.

Range and Habitat

  • Ocean whitefish is found from central California to the Gulf of California.
  • They enjoy shallow reefs and the ocean bottom, from the subtidal zone to about 400 feet out.

Market Forms

  • Great sport fish.
  • Excellent eating fish.

Black and white image and drawing of ocean whitefish above courtesy California Department Fish and Game. Color picture of ocean whitefish by John Shelton.



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