Striped Seaperch – Embiotoca lateralis Agassiz. Other common names for the striped seaperch include striped surfperch and blue perch.

Identifying Characteristics and Biology

  • Copper ground color with dark brown overlay on back; a series of about 15 blue horizontal stripes below lateral line; head with several series of blue spots and stripes; fins coppery; dark areas on anterior part of rayed dorsal, base of caudal fin, anterior part of anal, and distal halves of pelvic fins. []

Range and Habitat

  • The striped seaperch can be found from Port Wrangel, Alaska to Northern Baja, California, Mexico.
  • They like rocky coasts and kelp beds.

Market Forms



Fritzsche, R.A., and T.J. Hassler. 1989. Species profiles: Life histories and environmental requirements of coastal fishes and invertebrates (Pacific Southwest)–pile perch, striped seaperch, and rubberlip seaperch. U.S. Fish Wildlife Service Biological Report. 82 (11.103). U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, TR EL-82-4.

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